I know all the rules in golf.I play at hawaii kai golf course and bay you.I know the hardest golf course in the world.
Mrs. Thomas
9/6/2012 13:13:35

You should be proud of your first blog post! I can tell you like golf by the name of your blog and because you know all the rules. What is the hardest golf course in the world?

9/14/2012 08:56:17

Hey Buddy, I'm so impressed with your blog. This is my first time blogging ever; you're encouraging me to blog. Koolau golf course, right?

Mrs. Alexich
9/25/2012 10:25:28

I wonder if I have ever seen you on the golf course. The upper part of our family home looks out over Hawaii Kai Golf Course. We're pretty lucky...no stray balls have come into our yard for the 15 years we've lived there!

9/29/2012 13:35:37

Can you tell me who is the best golf player in the world?


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